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About Us

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Keep The Waterfront Open is a grassroots group of San Francisco residents dedicated to preserving the openness and accessibility of the Marina Green Promenade. It is a cherished park space bordering the north end of the city.

We are working hard to raise the public's awareness of a plan by the Recreation and Parks Department (RPD) to drastically alter the character of the Marina Green and how it is used.  

The open waterfront along the Marina Green is a defining characteristic of the City and County of San Francisco. The adjacent park was established after the 1915 Pan Pacific Expo as a visual respite from the congestion of city life.

The park adjacent to the waterfront is historically significant. It has been enjoyed by millions of San Francisco residents and visitors from every corner of the world since its opening. The flat terrain, open space, plentiful parking, and sense of place make it accessible to people of every demographic and physical ability. After the Jan 8th community meeting, runners and bicyclists asked to be included in the user groups that oppose the RPD plan.

Despite the history and significant public opposition, RPD plans to construct a new yacht harbor and breakwater in the open waterfront. The public, on the other hand, advocates for RPD to prioritize the cleanup and reconstruction of the East Harbor marina according to a settlement agreement reached by the City's 20-year legal battle with PG&E over contaminated waters in the East Harbor (aka Gashouse Cove).

Comprised of residents from every district in San Francisco, Keep the Waterfront Open is working with legislators, government agencies, environmental groups, neighborhood coalitions and organizations to raise awareness and build support to protect and preserve the Marina Green Promenade and park from overdevelopment.

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