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Frequently Asked Questions


Is SF Recreation and Parks Department (RPD) accepting public input on the plan?

Yes, but it is not listening. Community meetings were held in March, August and October of 2023. Hundreds of people spoke passionately AGAINST the new boat harbor. Groups that value and use the Bay waters, including Sierra Club, St. Francis Yacht Club, South End Rowing Club and Pacific Coast Sailing Association) spoke up at the Commissioners meeting. The prevailing sentiment is overwhelmingly opposed. And yet, RPD  continues to push forward with its plans for a new harbor. We encourage you to send an email to the Rec & Park Department for the record in opposition to the harbor plan.

What are you opposed to?

The proposed harbor serves only a handful of boaters and deprives the millions of City residents, visitors and tourists of enjoying the rare - and wholly unobstructed - waterfront view of the Bay that they have been enjoying for decades. Where else can you go for a stroll or a rest or a takeout meal with an unobstructed view of the Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz, Angel Island, Tiburon, and the sunset. Why take that away?

How did the RPD project start?

PG&E and the City came to an agreement in 2021 on toxic cleanup of the former Fillmore Manufactured Gas Plant in the Marina District. The agreement calls for toxin remediation and redevelopment at PG&E expense along the waterfront between the St. Francis Yacht Club and Fort Mason. PG&E is paying up to $190M for the project in exchange for removing only 15% of the toxic chemicals.


What is the "Swap"?

Instead of doing any toxic remediation in the southern half of the East Marina (the area known as Gashouse Cove) RPD proposes to use money from the PG&E settlement to relocate or "swap" the boat slips that are currently there to a new 235-slip harbor that RPD wants to build in front of the Marina Green.


Why is it being done?

RPD wants more money for ongoing operations, maintenance, etc. of the harbor. Boat slips are income. There are currently over 700 slips between the West and East Harbor marinas. Adding +/- 65 new boat slips only increases rental income by about 10%. 


Are the boat slips for small craft boats or luxury yachts?

Design details are tightly held and we have no data to answer conclusively. The City’s wealth profile tends to favor a stronger demand for larger vessels that generate more income. However, San Francisco has a long maritime tradition of small crafts. Some residents fear that the San Francisco boating community will become less diverse.  


What is Mayor Breed’s role in this?

RPD reports to the Mayor and she authorized and signed the Settlement Agreement. As Mayor, London Breed has the power to modify or terminate RPD’s plan. We are hoping she will agree with us that the highest and best use for the majority of people is keeping the iconic open view enjoyed by millions instead of adding a new harbor for luxury yachts and reducing the number of small-craft boat slips. 


What can I do?

Follow the project. Exercise your voice!  Send a letterVolunteer.  Sign up for Updates. Residents have voting power and we encourage everyone to exercise that power. Join us today! Follow Keep the Waterfront Open and tell us what you think. Answer our calls to action when you can. We are a grassroots group of San Francisco residents on a mission is to make sure that the Marina Green Promenade along the San Francisco Bay Trail doesn't lose historic, panoramic waterfront view that is enjoyed by millions.

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