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What the petition supporters say

By Laurent Philonenko

Here are the comments received on the petition website as of July 20, 2023.

"Needs attention."

"The unobstructed view of the Bay from the Marina Green is an irreplaceable San Francisco treasure. Why would the City even consider its debasement?"

"I agree!"

"The proposal for a large new big boat marina off the only remaining open bay view from the Marina Green by none other than by SF Rec and Park is a travesty and should be stopped. Of all the city agencies that should know better it is Rec. and Park. This Marina Green area is a treasure for the entire city and the thousands of visitors both domestic and international. Instead of doing a proper cleanup of the pollution in East Harbor (Gas House Cove) Rec and Park and PGE propose an inferior plan which would not restore all of East Harbor as a boat marina."

"to protect our public recreational spaces"

"Rebuild gaslight cove, obviously. Screw the rich and their friggin boats, we don't want an unnecessary marina built there."

"Please do not alter this unobstructed view!"

"Bad idea"

"Bad plan"

"I am a lifelong resident of District 2 and would like to protect the innate beauty of our Marina Harbor. This proposed plan is a travesty and extremely misguided . Why aren’t our elected officials instead addressing the real problems facing our fair City??"

"Wholeheartedly agree"

"We make tremendous sacrifices to live here and enjoy this view. Please do not add more boat parking! This view from the Marina green is the single reason why we live in San Francisco and where we do. The parking that is there isn’t even full and there is an entire second harbor that is in disrepair with tons of open spaces. Fix that instead!"

"We make tremendous sacrifices to live here and enjoy this view. Please do not add more boat parking! This view from the Marina green is the single reason why we live in San Francisco and where we do. The parking that is there isn’t even full and there is an entire second harbor that is in disrepair with tons of open spaces. Fix that instead!"

"Also, if the notice we received in the mail was to build this, that was deeply deceptive language!! It does not say anything about a harbor in the slightest"

"It's wrong to take away public access to this beautiful view of the Bay, the islands, the bridge, and nature's glory which is enjoyed by hundreds of people daily in order to make a few boat owners happy and make some money selling boat slips for the Wreck & Park Department, which has been deceptive in pushing this plan through the approval process without letting the public know."

"The Marina Green is one of the best geographical, historical and recreational jewel of San Francisco! It needs to be preserved at all costs for the benefit of residents, visitors, tourists, children and future generations! Yet another "Harbor" (there are already 2 there!) would destroy it."

"This plan is all wrong. Why do we need to develop and monetize every inch of San Francisco. Please leave the beauty as is."

"This plan is even worse than what I thought it was when I read about it after a run on the marina. My wife and I use the Marina Green many times a week and have for over 20 years, as do countless residents and tourists. Why in the world are we prioritizing a small number of boats (many of which sit unused most of the time) over thousands of daily users? Either fix the shallow harbor or cut down the number of boats. It's simple. Here's a link to the detailed plan:

I would suggest the petition organizers include such links in their main description of the issue."

"The marina green is perfect as is."

"Let's not spoil the view"

"1. PGE remediation money should be to remove existing pollution

2. views from Marina Green are a public resource and shouldn't be limited to private users.

3. proposed breakwater would have negative impacts on swimming and small boating in the area"

"It’s totally not needed and unfair!"

"The Marina Green waterfront in San Francisco is a prime location that could potentially offer similar advantages. With its proximity to the water, it could become a hub for recreational activities, attracting locals and tourists alike. The presence of a marina could encourage more people to participate in sailing, kayaking, and canoeing, fostering an active and healthy lifestyle. Marinas also have the potential to boost the local economy. Restaurants and businesses located near marinas often benefit from the influx of visitors and tourists. The availability of water-based transportation, such as water taxis, can enhance accessibility to the marina and further contribute to increased tourism and economic activity. Moreover, the development of a marina can create job opportunities, both in the construction phase and ongoing operations, benefiting the local workforce. In terms of views, waterfront marinas can offer stunning vistas of the surrounding natural beauty, such as the water, skyline, and sunsets."

"Marina green views should not be blocked. Great place to walk and see the lovely view"

"This isn’t about marina blvd residents protecting their views. Marina green is a critical resource for residents across sf and tourists who visit our city. Save marina green."

"Open space for the people."

"The only fuel dock (a family business) in San Francisco."

"Rec & Park wants to build a marina for 235 pleasure boats and luxury yachts in front of the Marina Green Promenade. It will destroy the wide open SF Bay view along the adjacent SF Bay Trail, Marina Green open grassy area and bicycle path."

"RPD's plan will relocate the fuel dock, but there's no identified source of funding and ballpark estimates are in the many millions of, presumably, taxpayer dollars."

"This cannot be allowed to happen. What on earth leads SF government to think that destroying the beautiful Marina Green is a good idea? This is government by the rule of insanity. Removing the parking will absolutely limit access by the thousands of residents who do not live close by (like me). Years ago Supervisor Gavin Newsome proposed parking meters at the Marina Green, but that idea was shot down by public outcry. This new scheme must also be stopped."

"I am upset that you would destroy this iconic view of San Francisco Bay for residents and visitors alike for the future simply to honor a previously held boat deal. I realize the intent is to gain money to make this sustainable but you could charge for parking in the entire area instead and probably make more money while preserving The View and encouraging people to visit and park there ."

"Because we would lose the “sandbar beach” next to the wave organs that faces the City, I take my daughter there. Also because of the loss of view from the Marina Green. Please let us know if there are any hearings in this."

"The Marina Green provides an iconic, awesome unobstructed view of the Bay. Residents and visitors all share this treasure d view. Building the proposed slips would irrevocably dilute this pristine asset. The City has a budget challenge but it should look for other avenues for revenue. What’s next, billboards on the Golden Gate Bridge?"

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